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Pnictogens (15, VA)

And again after a long time another group is done.

Pnictogens, group 15th or V A

When I was at Bi (bismuth) I was thinking about electronegativity. I’ve done some research and realized that Pauling scale, which is usually used, is not so accurate. For some compounds it doesn’t match because it has been calculated empirically. Then I saw an Allred-Rochow scale which is defined with effective forces of attractions (shielding effects of “lower” electrons). So… I made up my mind and unstitched (Is this a correct form?) all electronegativities. Then I restitched (Again?) them using AR scale because Pauling is too mainstream ;) There is also a paper about revisited AR scale which is very, very strange. The values vary from 0.256 (Fr) to 166.0 (Hg). :O

Oh yes, I heard from IUPAC about official names and symbols of 4 new elements. Still, I’m waiting for their official Polish names, so I did only symbols.


See you in… another 5 months? :P

Chalcogens (16, VIA)

After over one year I finished… one group. Oh my…

Unfortunately now I’m on the last term on my engineer studying. After this I’m going to make a master degree. Of course on chemistry. :)

This is 16th group, former group VI A, also known as “chalcogens”. Lv is confirmed by IUPAC so I’ve decided to make “white” symbol because nobody knows its properties.

I know about new elements (Nh, Mc, Ts, Og) but I will wait until Polish Chemical Society name them. You know, I really like polish names of elements. ;)

Right now I knit 15th group (pnictogens). 


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